Avengers Wall Mural

My latest hand-painted mural shows the characters from Avengers. I painted the mural on a brick wall in a private house in London.
On the wall I painted Black Panther, Thor, Iron man, Captain America, Hulk and Spider Man.
This how the room of 14-year-old Qaisara and 9-year-old Aaliya looks like. I started my work with making the outline.
When the sketch was ready, I started paiting the background. First, I started with an airbrush and then finished with a sponge.
When I painted the whole wall with a sponge, I started shading the background with an airbrush. Then I added Thor’s hammer lightning and glows.
Painting the characters I started with Thor.
The second was Black Panther, then Iron man and all favourite characters of Qaisar and Aaliy.

Finally, I added some glow to all characters and refined the details. You can see the final result below.

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